Comfort Food: Instant Mashed Potato

I was not that miserable during high school compared with other Chinese students. I did not always go to the refectory. Of course I was not a good student, so I had enough time to explore the shops nearby during my lunch break and the dinner break. One day I found Maggi instant mashed potato in a shop. It met all my needs: cheap, instant, tasty, can provide enough carbs for the upcoming classes, and warm, which is important in winter. Yesterday I saw instant soup in a supermarket. It immediately reminded me of my old love. Since there wasn’t a Maggi one, I grabbed another brand that I never heard of. Turned on the tap, switched on the kettle, tore the sachet, poured the powder and hot water, mixed. A taste of nostalgia. Sadly I've got used to the familiar industrialised taste, and not able to enjoy fresh-made mash. It accompanied me once for a long time, and now it’s back to my life again.