The Security Guard

I still don't know the name of that security guard. There is a convenience store near my home, and he is the only security guard that always keeps a big smile on his face even when the store is busy.

He always says hello to everyone. When he's busy, he shows his greeting by smiling. After Covid, I can tell people's facial expressions even they wear a face covering. In recent months my housemate and I have always appeared in the store for discounted sandwiches in the evening, and I guess he must be familiar with us, one always in PJ pants, and another always wears the same waterproof jacket.

We gradually developed a kind of “tacit understanding”. One day, I was pouring Jelly beans into my mouth as I walked into the store. I bought this packet from another store, and suddenly realised that this store has the same product. Then I stopped and began to titter with embarrassment. Just as he reached his hand over, I held the packet out. I poured a few candies into his palm. He said with a laugh, “I don't always eat food from customers, but you two are special!”

The last time I saw him was in September. We asked him when the shop assistants started to put the yellow stickers on sandwiches, he said 7 pm. He also said if he can help save a few for us, but he would go to another store two days later because he rotates through the different branches. When I meet him again, I will show him this blog.